Confession of a DIY Bride!

After I said yes to THE ultimate question and the butterflies in my stomach have calmed down, I started to pull out my “dream wedding” list (it’s almost all girls’ mental list of the wedding dress designer, photographer, venue, shoes, illustrator, etc, etc, etc, that they want to have on D day). I even contacted my favorite illustrator the day after Alex popped the question. Later did I learn that having a wedding of your dream is so friggin’ darn expensive.

Since we finance the wedding fully by ourselves and the fact that wedding day is just a beginning of our marriage (common sense kicked in at the right time!), we decided to pick 3 elements that we’re willing to splurge on; wedding venue, photographer and wedding dress. The others will be “examined” extra carefully since the budget is not over the roof and we (and by we, of course I mean me) decided to go all the DIY way with Pinterest as my Bible. I was thinking about paper flowers, DIY and personalized party favor and table setting, personalized Bali guide book etc etc etc. Some of my friends think I might get bridezilla syndrome but I did enjoy crafting a lot to a point that it became my therapy.
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