Confession of a DIY Bride!

After I said yes to THE ultimate question and the butterflies in my stomach have calmed down, I started to pull out my “dream wedding” list (it’s almost all girls’ mental list of the wedding dress designer, photographer, venue, shoes, illustrator, etc, etc, etc, that they want to have on D day). I even contacted my favorite illustrator the day after Alex popped the question. Later did I learn that having a wedding of your dream is so friggin’ darn expensive.

Since we finance the wedding fully by ourselves and the fact that wedding day is just a beginning of our marriage (common sense kicked in at the right time!), we decided to pick 3 elements that we’re willing to splurge on; wedding venue, photographer and wedding dress. The others will be “examined” extra carefully since the budget is not over the roof and we (and by we, of course I mean me) decided to go all the DIY way with Pinterest as my Bible. I was thinking about paper flowers, DIY and personalized party favor and table setting, personalized Bali guide book etc etc etc. Some of my friends think I might get bridezilla syndrome but I did enjoy crafting a lot to a point that it became my therapy.
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Free Printables: Easter Gift Tag

Easter is just a couple of weeks away!
When I was (a lot) younger, this season is all about egg hunting, and collecting bunny / egg-shaped chocolate. But as I grow older, I learn that Easter has a lot more meaning than that. That day we celebrate Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the death. But of course, besides Halloween, it’s nice to have a season where we can collect chocolate and candies and have some games on it.

Since it’s said that it’s better to give than receive. In the spirit of Easter, I’ve made a free printable Easter Gift Tag for your Easter giveaways. You can download it here. It’s in A4 size and you can print it directly using carton paper. You may also need scissors, paper puncher and some ribbon to tie it to your Easter goodies.

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DIY Gift Wrapping Idea: Simple Shirt Style

Gift wrapping and origami are my most favourite craft subjects. Been dreaming of having a gift shop where I can do gift wrapping professionally all day long since I was a little girl. This time, I’ll share my most used gift wrapping style; Simple Shirt! It’s so simple and cute that whenever I ran out of gift boxes, I’ll just made this.

You will need :

1. Favor Bag or DIY favor bag

2. Scissors

3. Double Tape

4. Ribbon or paper to create tie

Let’s start wrapping! 

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New kid on the blog!

This is my first blog post!

As usual, the first one is always the hardest. Been giving myself deadline to launch this blog on my 31st birthday (2 days ago) but my fingers just can’t start typing. So, thanks to my bestie, Google as he helps me a lot in exploring what to write on my first post. After reading here and there, I think I’m gonna write about me, why I start this blog and what is this about. Here we go!

My name is Laverne. Turned 31 two days ago. Being a wife one and a half month ago. Formerly I worked as a banker (not that serious analyst wearing suits and glasses type of banker, but in banking marketing communication field) then I jumped off the career-climbing cliff and started to pursue my dream as a full time entrepreneur in November 2014. Not an easy decision to make, but maybe I’ll just write about this next time.

I’m passionate in everything DIY & craft and find joy in helping friends preparing events / parties. In my personal belief, having a nice party is human rights and not a luxury. It can be both nice and affordable. After some projects, I decided to give it a shot hence Oh Prep! is started. Initially, I designed and printed themed party papers for my friends’ parties. Then I tried to curate party supplies from here and there with hope that one day Oh Prep! can be a place where people turn to whenever they want to create a party.

Though Oh Prep! is up and running as a party supplies online store viaInstagram (yess…. I’m one of the sis that you contact via whatsapp & LINE),  I feel that I need a media where I can pour my ideas and inspiration of DIY party prepping in a more comprehensive way. And maybe adding some tips related to any type of preparation.

That’s pretty much my first post.

Now, I need an favor and inspiration from you. :)What topic or party themed that you’d like to see in next posts?