New kid on the blog!

This is my first blog post!

As usual, the first one is always the hardest. Been giving myself deadline to launch this blog on my 31st birthday (2 days ago) but my fingers just can’t start typing. So, thanks to my bestie, Google as he helps me a lot in exploring what to write on my first post. After reading here and there, I think I’m gonna write about me, why I start this blog and what is this about. Here we go!

My name is Laverne. Turned 31 two days ago. Being a wife one and a half month ago. Formerly I worked as a banker (not that serious analyst wearing suits and glasses type of banker, but in banking marketing communication field) then I jumped off the career-climbing cliff and started to pursue my dream as a full time entrepreneur in November 2014. Not an easy decision to make, but maybe I’ll just write about this next time.

I’m passionate in everything DIY & craft and find joy in helping friends preparing events / parties. In my personal belief, having a nice party is human rights and not a luxury. It can be both nice and affordable. After some projects, I decided to give it a shot hence Oh Prep! is started. Initially, I designed and printed themed party papers for my friends’ parties. Then I tried to curate party supplies from here and there with hope that one day Oh Prep! can be a place where people turn to whenever they want to create a party.

Though Oh Prep! is up and running as a party supplies online store viaInstagram (yess…. I’m one of the sis that you contact via whatsapp & LINE),  I feel that I need a media where I can pour my ideas and inspiration of DIY party prepping in a more comprehensive way. And maybe adding some tips related to any type of preparation.

That’s pretty much my first post.

Now, I need an favor and inspiration from you. :)What topic or party themed that you’d like to see in next posts?