Favorite DIY Party Decor Tools!

I often got the question “what should I prepare for DIY party decor” so this time I’m gonna share some of my basic DIY party decors that I can’t live without. There are still plenty of useful tools out there but if you got these, you’ll be fine.  All items are easy to find in neighbourhood stationery stores or Gramedia.  You can also buy it online at SmartyHands.

Anyhow anyhoo, let’s start!


1. Paper Clip

Believe it or not, this teeny tiny stuffs will save a lot of your money. Instead of double tape, I usually use this to assemble and attach paper fan, paper lotus, snowflakes, honeycomb etc so that it can be reusable. Tips: Always put the paper clip at the back side because we don’t want this secret revealed to the guests, rite?

2. Ribbon Hole Puncher 


I love paper punchers! This ribbon hole puncher is the one that I pull out whenever I felt the invitation or gift tag is too plain and dull. The weaved decorative ribbon or lace effect gives it the right punch!

3. 3 mm Circle Punch 

3 mm Circle Puncher

And this is the one that I use most often. I use it for punching hole on Oh Prep! birthday banners and gift tags. It makes the paperies prettier, in my opinion, rather than using the bigger paper puncher that’s usually used for office documents. Tips: Don’t throw the paper waste away. Keep it and use it as confetti! 🙂

4. 50 mm Circle Punch 

50mm circle puncher

This one is my fave. After searching for so long, finally I found the one! This Fiskar puncher is so easy to use. It lets you peek on the area you wish to cut. No more blind-punching. It’s perfect to create cupcake toppers, jars stickers, round gift tags. Tips: If it gets dull, punch aluminium foil to re-sharpen it.

5. Nylon Strings 

If you are into jewelry making, this one is your basic needs. Always keep this in your “party decor tool box” (yes I do have one) because it might come handy when it’s least expected. I use it for hanging party decor from ceiling. It’s transparent so your decor will look very neat.

6. Measure Tape 

To know how many paper fan and pom pom for your DIY photo backdrop, you’re gonna need  to measure the area first. That’s when this measure tape is needed.

7. Craft Wire 

This all-purpose wire is not only good for jewelry making but also in party decorating;

Now, let me introduce you to the Tape Family!

8. Double Tape 

9. Foam Tape 

10. Masking Tape 

I purposely put all the Tape Family members in one basket because these 3 complement each other. 3 of them made the DIY paper fan backdrop easy and very much doable. Or if you happen to have an emergency party plan, you already bought the giant number balloon but it’s hard to find where to fill it with helium yet you still want it to up there hanging, worry not, my dear, the Tape family will come to the rescue.

First, protect the wall with masking tape. A dent on the wall in your own house means you need to re-paint it. A dent on the wall in your rented party venue/resto means extra service charge. It’s better to prevent than to pay.

Second, use double tape / foam tape to attach the paper fan to the wall or partition. Double tape is for lighter decor whilst foam tape is for heavier one.

Wall Paper Decor using the Tape Family
Wall Paper Decor using the Tape Family + paper clips 

11. Peg
I love how it adds extra cuteness whenever I use it to hang birthday banners or hang gift tag to your favor bags. Many asked do we sell these but too bad we don’t. I bought them in Daiso and they came in different sizes. The smaller one is my fave .

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 11.18.00 PM

12. Glue Gun

Last but not least, THE most important tool ever and no I’m not exaggerating. Glue gun, FTW!

Glue Gun

I must admit I do have fun writing this serie. Might post the same serie sometimes later. Bear with me. Haha!

Happy prepping,



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