DIY Gift Wrapping Idea: Simple Shirt Style

Gift wrapping and origami are my most favourite craft subjects. Been dreaming of having a gift shop where I can do gift wrapping professionally all day long since I was a little girl. This time, I’ll share my most used gift wrapping style; Simple Shirt! It’s so simple and cute that whenever I ran out of gift boxes, I’ll just made this.

You will need :

1. Favor Bag or DIY favor bag

2. Scissors

3. Double Tape

4. Ribbon or paper to create tie

Let’s start wrapping! 

1. Put the gift inside favor bag, then fold twice to the front.

Gift Wrapping - Shirt - Step1

2. Cut each side (just right under the folded section) at about 1/3 of favor bag width.

Gift Wrapping - Shirt - Step2

3. Fold both side’s cut section to the center and fold the open section to form a shoulder

Gift Wrapping - Shirt - Step 345

4. Create a tie using ribbon or paper. Paper bow tie can be a nice touch too. Voila! Good to go now!

Gift Wrapping - Shirt - Voila

Happy wrapping,


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